Ancient Chinese Printing

The exhibition hall of ancient Chinese printing is located on the first floor of the museum, showing the origins, development, inheritance and dissemination of ancient Chinese printing technology from the Neolithic Age down to the Qing Dynasty through pictures, written descriptions and antiques, and expounded the legend of eastern printing history.

        The origin of ancient printing mainly introduces the development history of the character and paper. It shows the history from the engraved symbols about 8000 years ago to the rubbing and stamping technology in the Period of Wei, Jin and Southern and Northern Dynasties (220-581). The development history of ancient printing technology is one of the key parts of the museum exhibition.  Visitors can appreciate the fantastic Southern Song printed book Commentary of Spring and Autumn Annals and the Bulletin for Reassuring the Public of Qing Dynasty, the replicate of clay movable type invented by Bi Sheng, the typesetting plate invented by Wang Zhen in the Yuan Dynasty. The display shows that China is not only the invention of woodblock printing, but also movable type printing, multi-color printing. The audiences can also experience the tradition woodblock printing technology. The heritage section of Chinese printing focuses on the world's cultural heritage associated with printing. The dissemination part focuses on displaying how Chinese printing technology spread around the world, and tells the printing spirit of our country's benefit to the world and its selflessness.

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