Ancient Chinese printing

The exhibition hall Chinese Ancient Printing Museum is located at the first floor, with pictures, text and objects displayed China's ancient printing origin, development, inheritance and propagation of the historical process from the new stone age to the Qing Dynasty, and illuminates the printing civilization Oriental legend.

The origin of ancient printing mainly introduces the elements of printing origin: text and paper, the development of text and the evolution of text carrier. It shows rubbings and stamp technology from the carved symbols to the Sui and Tang Dynasties 8000 years ago. The development of ancient printing is one of the key parts of Museum display. The audience can appreciate the famous Tang Dynasty scrolls with "Diamond Sutra"; the most precious: "classical works in Chunqiu dynasty", "  restoration notice of reassuring the public in Song Dynasty; Bi Sheng's invention of moveable type rotary type disk; the invention of Wang zhen. Chinese showed to the audience is not only the invention country of woodblock printing, and printing, color printing. The audience can personally conducted woodblock printing operation. The inheritance of printing focuses on the World Cultural Heritage related to printing. The key part of communication through the sand table display of China's printing rumors about China's route, the benefit of the world, the spirit of selfless printing.

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